Sharon Shea

As a child, Sharon was engaged in the “art form” of helping her mother preserve vegetables and fruits by canning. It was called “frugal” or “economically wise” to make sure that her large family had adequate food for the off-season, when these foods were not available at reasonable prices.

Today is a different story. Canned goods may be used for personal use, but are ideal for use as consumable gifts for hostesses, friends, or family members. Unique decorating on the outside, and colorful combinations inside, make the, attractive as well as tasty. Pickles, preserves, jellies, apple butter, salsa, and pure maple syrup from Sharon’s and neighboring property, are among the many selections she has to offer.

Sharon’s baked goods are in high demand. Home-made cinnamon rolls with burnt butter icing is beyond compare to any commercially made. Fruit breads, cookies, and lefse are fresh, moist and delicious. The fillings in her home-made pies are full of fruit or pecans which can be eaten immediately or frozen for future use.

Elena Sharma, Kevin Thomas

Elena Sharma and Kevin Thomas grow most of the fruit they use in their products. What they don’t grow, they pick in the woods.

Sprays are not used on any of their crops, not even the apples. Each apple is encased in a zipper plastic bag to keep the nasties off them which results in 98% perfect fruits. In a typical year, the Fruth’s bag about 2,000 apples when they are the size of marbles.

The sweetener used in most of their products is sugar – never corn syrup! The no-sugar line is sweetened with either Splenda or apple juice.

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