Welcome to the 9th annual Arts Off 84 Art Crawl! Please visit all eight sites. You will be amazed at the unique and talented artists who are a part of the Art Crawl family.

Having always been interested in art, starting an art crawl seemed like the most natural outlet for the artistic talents of Larry & Sherry Chapin and the artists they admired. The Chapin’s, along with neighbor, Dave Sohn, started the event around the lake where they reside. The Lake Ada Art Crawl made its debut in 2008. It consisted of five sites around the lake with a total of 31 artists. Three years later, the Chapin’s grew the event to span Highway 84, starting in Pine River and now ends in Longville, thus, the name, Arts Off 84 Art Crawl. The sites have changed over the years and the Art Crawl has grown in popularity. The Chapin’s are proud of what they started and wish to thank you for sharing in their vision by attending the Art Crawl.

The mission of Arts Off 84 is to promote the works of local and regional artists and to provide an art presence scenic Highway 84. That mission continues today under the leadership of Jan Stadtherr. She is assisted by Art Crawl artists: Barb Anderson, Midori & Jason Marcum, Bob & Becky Seemann, Ruthie Holtz, Larry & Sherry Chapin, and Jerry Peterson of the Pine River Foundation, the fiscal agent. The committee will continue to serve the needs of the community in offering a wide range of quality, handcrafted artistic art forms.


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