Bob Seemann

Ever since a shop teacher introduced Bob Seemann to the joy of working with wood, it’s been his life-long passion. Over the last 40 years, he’s built everything from custom cutting boards to armoires and from grandfather clocks to saunas. In his shop in Longville, Bob works with oak, maple, walnut, cherry, birch, mesquite and pine.

Hal Bitzer

Hal started carving around 1990. For Hal carving is therapeutic and relaxing and it has also given him the opportunity to learn more about his Scandinavian heritage. Hal has taken classes with instructors from Norway and Sweden, learning kolrosing, chip carving, bentwood and creating shrink boxes.



Dave & Kathy Towley

In our wood turning, we strive to marry form with function so as to please the eye as well as to satisfy the hand. Self-taught, this journey of discovery continues to surprise and delight us as we never fully know just what we may find around the next ‘turn’. In our work we hope that you too will find a quiet pleasure in the nature of the wood transformed.

Ken & Charlotte Johnson
Northwoods Sleigh Company

Charlotte and Ken Johnson are Northwoods Sleigh Company. They are of Scandinavian decent (Swedish and Norwegian) and have been handcrafting Scandinavian gift items for over 35 years. They make delicate wooden trays in several sizes. The trays are constructed with compound mitered finger-joints at all corners. Additional, they make a line of decorative wooden sleighs patterned after those used by emigrants for logging and farming. They also make small Tomtens (dolls) to complement the sleighs. All of their products are designed, hand-crafted and merchandised only by them. They have participated in and sold their artifacts at numerous Scandinavian Festivals.


Jerry Mollberg​

Jerry Mollberg started carving songbirds and Santa’s in 1987. He has carved many items in wood including caricatures, realistic style carvings, relief, birds and Native American and trapper busts. He typically uses basswood, butternut and cottonwood bark as a medium. He has taught classes for several community education communities, the Lakes Area Carvers Club in Forest Lake, Minnesota and at Pioneer Park in Phoenix, Arizona.

Karin Schott

Karin Schott is a busy homeschooling mom of two creative boys. She has spent the last several years baking to raise money for their activities. With Maverick’s and Monte’s inspiration and her husband, Randy’s, encouragement she has discovered her artistic side. She has been enjoying watercolor painting but loves wood burning. She now burns on just about anything that isn’t nailed down! Her wooden spoons and cutting board creations have made her family proud. You can follow Karin on Facebook at The Schott Family’s Shanty Boutique.

Bob & Jeannine Moylan – Designs by BJM.

Bob and Jeannine Moylan custom make campfire pokers and stainless marshmallow sticks. They are made from metal that is purchased locally. Natural wood and antlers are used for rustic handles and sport team logos are applied to wood handles.

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