Creekside Creations

Kelcie Groth and Leslie Bouchonville starting make soap over 10 years ago. Creekside Creations is a very small business which produces only soap of the highest quality. A typical batch of soap is about 23 bars. Special attention is given to the details with each bar being wrapped in a specialty fabric for gift giving and to keep the scent fresh.

Jo Guttormson

Jo has been weaving beautiful, handcrafted baskets for 15 years. She is a member of several basket guilds and attends many national workshops and conventions where she hones her craft. She currently teaches classes at the Longville Arts Center, the Hackensack Senior Center and at various locations in the Twin Cities.

Christine Kennedy
(All Things Herbal)

From the dried herbs and spices that distinguish All Things Herbal soaps, David and Christine Kennedy make soap from scratch using their original recipes and the finest ingredients for fragrant, decadent handmade soaps that look as good as they smell. Embracing herbal goodness in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, they offer a range of products for your face and body using plant oils and their handcrafted infusions. Their passion is creating earth friendly natural products that keep your skin looking and feeling amazing.

Barb Troje – Prairie Harvest

Barb works with pure beeswax from her hives. The first step is a cleaning process to remove all impurities. At this point candles are ready to be either hand dipped or molded. She designs the majority of the molds. Barb uses and applies several surface techniques to create her candles, using both the natural color and dye. Products such as salve, soap and lip balm are made using beeswax, honey and other natural oils. Gift boxes are included.

Cindy Grindahl

Cindy describes her artistic creations as an extension of her sustainable living way of life. Her backyard gardens provide the makings for her jams, salsas and fresh garden produce. A variety of mediums are used for home-made gift ideas like dried gourd art, recycled feed bags, birch-bark mobiles, Christmas stars and quilted items.

Kim Sebesta – Sebesta Apothecary

Kim Sebesta of Sebesta Apothecary makes high quality, small batch, bath & body products in Minneapolis. All items are made with natural ingredients, are eco-friendly and wholesome with minimal packaging that is reusable, recyclable or bio-degradable. Products include:

  • Dog shampoo – Bar soap is easier and less wasteful option to wash a dirty dog. This recipes ingredients are formulated to help prevent fleas and ticks while cleaning and conditioning.
  • Shave soap – Oatmeal and clay create soft, thick froth when brushed or lathered, creating a superior shave experience that reduces razor burn and moisturizes. Great for use by both males and females.
  • Rose and Rosé Body bar – Yes, it’s fun to say you have wine in your soap, but it’s actually beneficial too. The rosé actually provides additional moisture, bubbles, and a divine scent with the subtle essence of rose.
  • Camping Collection – Collection of favorites along on all of your backpacking, road-tripping and sightseeing adventures. Includes Drunken Bee bar soap, Itch Stop Serum, Healing Balm and a Mesh Soap bag.

Tracy Roeder
Bare Naked Soap Company

Bare Naked Soap Company specializes in handcrafted goat milk soaps and body care products. Using the cold process method, Tracy’s goat milk soaps are handcrafted in small batches using the highest quality base oils, essential and fragrance oils, natural colorants and fresh goat milk. Like the soaps, Tracy’s body care products are handcrafted in small batches without toxic chemicals or synthetic ingredients found in most store bought creams and lotions.
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