Carol Hoyem

Carol’s photo art starts with her original photographs. She enjoys shooting nature, local interest, and travel photography. The “artistry” in her photo art is done in the digital darkroom. She uses photo artistry techniques and software to combine one or more of her photographs with various backgrounds, textures, and sometimes, typography to create unique, blended composite images or photo collages. Her pleasing compositions, vibrant colors, and attention to detail all come together in her eye-catching images. Many of her final images could be categorized as inspirational photo art, because they include a special quote or saying.



Kit Larson

Kit Larson has been taking pictures throughout Northern Minnesota since he was in his teens. Then, taking pictures was his reason to do more hiking up north, especially, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. He began to be serious about his photography twenty years ago.
Since then, hiking is his reason to take more photographs of the beauty in Nature. Over the past ten years Kit’s photos come from Wisconsin, west through Minnesota, North Dakota and western Montana. Recently, Austria and the city of Venice have been added to the list of places of his work.

Kit has taken classes and participated in workshops with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and with other professional groups and photographers. His early subjects as a professional were focused mostly on wild animals and birds. Then He widened his photo subjects to include the environment that surrounded the wild life that he so much enjoys capturing. More recently, he has widened his lens opening to capture more of the beauty of the forests, lakes and sky that our Creator provided us.

One of the biggest joys for Kit, outside of taking the pictures, is the interaction he has with the people that visit his booth. Often people tell him that they have been at the place a photo was taken or that it reminds them of a similar site they have been to and enjoyed. Sometimes a picture was of a place they were seeing for the first time and they marvel at the beauty of it. His next best experience comes when a beginning photographer stops by to “pick his brain” about photography. While talking to them about cameras and tips on taking photos, he also passes on the enthusiasm he has for nature and photography.

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