Bev Mollberg

Bev started creating wire wrapped jewelry five years ago and won a 2nd place in an art contest for a wrapped pendant. She has unique wire-wrapped jewelry using glass, shell, crystals, semi-precious stones and beads to create unique pendants, earrings, collars and bracelets. She has designed “The Versatile” which is an interesting earwire that can be matched with a wide variety of earring charms. Bev also has created several collars (necklaces) from either 14 gold-filled wire or sterling silver.

Barbara Robertson

Barbara Robertson began making beaded jewelry and gradually moved into metal clay and sheet metal for jewelry. She make metal clay charms including lake charms with a cubic zirconia where your home or cabin is located on your lake. Her latest venture is making rings and incorporating charms with stones she collects and drills from her beach on Leech Lake. She also creates statement pendants using copper and silver, stone rings with cabochons purchased from all over the country.

Becky Seemann

Becky Seemann of Artwoods creates handcrafted silver-jewelry focused around the elements of nature from her shop located in the artwoods of Northern Minnesota. Becky is a self-taught artist and accomplished water colorist who shifted to working in metal 12-years ago as a way to make wearable art. She is a nature enthusiast who believes that a walk in the woods or wearing something that reflects nature helps to release the stresses we all face day to day.

Jodi Riesselman – Bijou

Jodi Riesselman has been creating jewelry for seven years using a variety of stone, semi-precious gems, glass, wood and metal beads and offers pieces at an affordable price.

Whether accessorizing an outfit for work, special occasion, fun at the lake or everyday wear, there’s something for you!

Tyler Bakken

Tyler Bakken is a local Minnesota artist. She paints original art on canvases with acrylic paint. She also creates unique jewelry using glass beads and wire wrapped pendants. Making signs out of barn wood for home decor is also an art avenue she has taken. Art is her life and her mission is to create full time someday. 

Gabe & Anne Carlstrom / Forever Favorites – Painting, Woodworking, and Jewelry

Always marveling at the beauty in the landscape of the world, Gabe Carlstrom has been exploring acrylic painting since the age of 16, taking up oil painting just recently. He is self-taught and oddly enough, color blind. Big bright colors of sunsets, sunrises and cloud formations have always been the focal point.

Around the same time, his passion for woodworking was growing as well. The use of reclaimed wood, tree roots, epoxy and found objects is a constant. Gabe also incorporates area lake rocks, driftwood and tree root pieces into his paintings. All frames are handmade on hand stretched canvases.

His wife, Anne Carlstrom, discovered her artistic side during the pandemic. Painting and pour painting at first then moving to jewelry making. She uses reclaimed jewelry pieces, hand-cut reclaimed leather, metal, fabric, rock, gems, wood and flowers from the garden. Always adapting and changing styles, Anne has found her true passion.

Laurie Slanga – LS Creations

A self-taught Minnesota artist, Laurie Slanga has taken her passion for art and infused it with her everyday life. Utilizing mainly acrylics and mixed-media styles, her artwork focuses mostly on wildlife and nature, something she surrounds herself with every day. Much of her work has been inspired by Lake Superior, a staple of her life growing up on the North Shore, whose beauty, power and ever-changing landscape encourages her with every creation.

Laurie discovered her passions later than many, after taking a “paint-and-sip” class while visiting her brother in Alabama. Ever since, she’s been continuously honing her crafts, as she attempts to share the simple beauty of the world through every canvas and jewelry piece she creates.

Some of her canvas pieces include mixed media, standard brush painting and pour-painting (mixing acrylic paint, a flow enhancer, oil and water.)

Her jewelry is created from an extension of pour-painting. Dipping transparent glass Cabochons in a pour-paint mixture of acrylic paint, flow enhancer, oil, and water. Once dry, prepped and sealed the glass is set-in stainless-steel jewelry pieces.

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